Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Managing line

Just a little tip when using mono shooting lines. As Paul added before, using Skagit heads requires stripping and handling some sort of shooting line. I was introduced to mono shooting line this past spring while the Skagiteers were in town. Shoots like crazy, and I am hoping it helps with icing this winter. I have high hopes. Love it.

One tricky thing with mono shooting line is that sometimes it can slip while casting. This can and will happen when you apply too much power on the casting stroke, that's for sure. But it also just happens sometimes. One thing I do to limit this annoyance is to pinch it against a rubber band placed on the cork. I just wrap the rubber band on and slide it to where I hold the rod while casting with my upper hand. Whether you hold your loops of the line with your thumb(preferred) or trigger finger, pushing against a rubber band helps with mono shooting lines. I am still in the experimental phase but so far so good! Used it in the rain yesterday and it worked well when wet. We'll see come winter and freezing temps!

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