Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August=Carp time...


August is a good time to prep for the beginning of Salmon/Steelhead season. Check and double check all gear, backing, lines. Maybe tie some flies. They will be here soon, probably the first scouts will show up in the DSR sometime during the last 2 weeks of August. I always see a few small pods early every morning beginning the 3rd week. Get ready for the clownfest, neoprene's, 50lb test line, shark rods that serve double duty for Salmon, and as always-members of the deep wading association!

Now a quick note about something that is as big as a Salmon, pulls just as hard-possibly harder, and is tough to take on a fly-CARP! Yeah, I know what your thinking. What? Carp? No way. WAY. Using two hand overhead casting techniques sight fishing to actively feeding moster carp in the Finger Lakes is way too much fun. They are big (ranging from 15-40+lbs on average), super spooky and plentiful. Carp will actually flip over rocks with their noses and suck in the nymphs or crayfish as they scurry away. This is why when a carp is feeding there is a prominent "mud line" around or behind them. Something I love to see in otherwise crystal clear water (thanks to the zebra mussels). Landed my first 2 of the summer this past weekend. I use a 10' 7/8 wt Diamondback single hander that I converted to a double hander by adding a few inches of cork to the top grip and milling a 3.5" piece of black walnut as a bottom handle. Works great and also will be my small stream double hander (custom chopped a 15' 340 grain skagit head for it). For two hand overhead casting I really like the Rio Outbound lines. I've gone to the Outbound Short (30ft) in a 10wt-435 grains for carp. Add 12' of straight 10 lb Maxima Ultragreen, a small lead eyed bugger or crayfish imitation, and off you go. ALWAYS tie carp flies so they ride hook point up. This allows me to drag that fly literally along the bottom, like a crayfish.
So....if you ever have the chance, give carp a try sometime. Preferably in a lake setting, shallow water, to actively feeding fish. Just make sure not to land your fly within 3' or so of the fish since this will guarantee a spooked carp as your fly hits the water. Take one look at the colors of this carp and you will see why they are also referred to as Golden Bones.

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