Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gettin' Ready

Get your flies ready to swim! Now that the nights are getting cooler, days shorter and the rain is coming down, better have your gear prepped. This means FLIES FLIES FLIES. I have a good start as you can see. Still playing with some new combos to find that magic fly, even though the purple and blue leech is stellar on any trib all year long....

I am a big fan of rabbit, marabou, slim hackles and Rhea in my flies. In fact, one of those materials is always attached to the end of my line. They move so sweetly in the water-on their own or in combination with each other. Plus they have great movement in various water types. Fast, froggy, doesn't matter these materials move. Add some lead eyes and you have a wiggly, diving, jigging streamer that fishes deep and slow.


  1. Good looking flies! Some salmon starting to show up here in northern MI...the countdown for steel has begun!

  2. Thanks Dan! A few Salmon here too. I was out on the lower river yesterday until about noon and saw almost a dozen Kings blast by in small groups. Certainly won't be long!