Thursday, November 29, 2012

Protect the loops on your sink-tips!

This simple little junction made from 25 lb. or 30 lb. test Maxima can help protect the factory loops on the end of polyleaders, MOW tips or other sink-tips.  Just cut a 12 inch piece of the Maxima and tie a double surgeon's loop at either end so you end up with a "junction section" that is about 3-4 inches long.

 When swinging flies I like to attach a tippet of 10 lb. test Maxima ultragreen to the end of my MOW tips by making a double surgeons loop and looping it to the loop on the tip. But this relatively thin mono can cut  into the factory loop on the sink-tip and shorten its life.

The solution is to make a short junction of heavier mono (25-30 lb. test) which will protect the factory loop from excessive wear.  Then you just loop your lighter tippet to the end of the "junction section".


  1. I like to do this with 30 lb mono braid.4 inches of braid with 1 inch pulled in at each end makes a 2 inch junction.A couple of drops of zap and your off. It is a lot thicker than the mono and the wear is all but non existent on the factory loop.


  2. I've been doing this for years. I ve tried the bungie but thought there was too much stretch where the mono has just the right amount of stretch to help in the take