Thursday, November 15, 2012

November steel

Persistence pays off swinging 3" cut-shank Intruders in the lower Salmon River today.  After a fruitless morning the White/pink fly got slammed by a 28" male just after 12 noon.  An hour later the Blue/silver fly had a nice tug from a fish but didn't connect.  With the water level at 335cfs these flies fished well on a 2.5' sink x 7.5' float medium MOW tip and 4' of 10lb. test Maxima ultrgreen tippet.

Beautiful November day with calm winds and sun.  Water temperature 41.

This one had alot of fight! Fresh out of Lake Ontario!


  1. Beautiful fish and flies Paul. Any particular hook shanks that you like? Thanks

  2. for the shank I've been using 7XL Mustad streamer hooks Size #2. I get themat Malinda's shop in Altmar, 25 hooks for $ 4.85
    After you cut the point off at the bend remember to file smooth the rough edges on the cut.