Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ross Reach Switch Rods for 2011

Ross Reach Spey Rods -

The ReachTM spey rod series was designed with the help of an underground group of soulful spey junkies that eat, sleep and breathe big water, big fish and two-handed rods. Our goal was very simple - produce a series of spey rods that will handle a full range of fly line types and successfully execute all types of spey and Skagit casts. Mission accomplished! This 4-piece, fast action rod series is made from our proprietary R4 graphite design, resulting in a series that is lightweight, powerful and precise. The rods load deep into the core, allowing for a fast action design that still maintains casting sensitivity and tremendous line control. The Reach series easily covers big water, be it with AFS, Skagit style or longer bellied spey lines. This lightweight rod series is easily cast by anglers of all skill levels. Once you have experienced the sensitivity, responsiveness and performance of this series, you will be left wondering why it doesn't cost twice as much. Hey, a spey junky still has to eat, right?

- The ReachTM spey rod series comes with the following standard features:
- Ross proprietary R4 graphite design
- Fast action rod taper, perfect for all types of spey and Skagit casts
- 4-piece design - great for travel
- Smooth casting, powerful and precise
- Titanium oxide, super strong guides
- Rod piece alignment dots
- Anodized aluminum reel seat
- Two-handed spey handle with fighting butt
- Cordura rod case
- Lifetime warranty


5109-4    10'9"    4 Piece       5WT      $359.00.

6113-4    11'3"    4 Piece        6WT      $379.00.

7119-4    11'9"    4 Piece        7WT      $379.00.   

For more Ross Products check out their site.


  1. I am a Ross fan. Love most of their stuff. With that being said, I prefer the American made stuff.

    I found your blog through OBN. If I could make a recommendation, put the "follow" button on it. Makes it a lot easier to get updates.

    the Average Joe Fisherman

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