Monday, October 25, 2010

River Etiquette

Here’s the Dean River Angler’sCreed, as posted at the airstripnear the mouth of the river. This is a pretty good set of commitments to make on anyriver, wouldn’t you say?

Dean River Anglers’ Creed

I will:
  • respect the river, its fish and fellow anglers.
  • share the water and practice rotation angling.
  • park my vehicle out of sight and sound of other anglers.
  • keep my camp clean and bearproof.
  • leave only my footprints: my garbage goes out with me.
  • be careful with my campfire.
  • maintain a pit toilet and not foul the river.
  • give wading anglers a wide berth with my powerboat.
  • not discharge firearms unnecessarily.
  • respect and not harass wildlife.
I found this on Deneki's blog. Lack of river side etiquette is rampant on all rivers and streams. I think it is just an extension of our current society and I'm more than certain this lack of etiquette carries over into their everyday lives.

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