Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rod Review - TFO Deer Creek Switch 8110-4

First off I will answer the question, What is a switch rod? "Switch Rods" are multi-task fly rods designed to allow a variety of both one handed and two handed casting options.

Temple Fork Outfitters - Deer Creek Series Switch Rod. This switch rod has a simple design by Bob Meiser and Mike Kinney. The rod is rated as an 8wt and for 400-600 grains and is 11 feet in length.  It's a deep cobalt blue blank with blue & copper wraps.  The handle is spot on in length for the 11' rod and looks great too.  The rod is light and a pleasure to cast all day long.

I have mine loaded with a 600 Rio Skagit cut back to 24' (brings down to about 535 grains).  Using 10' tips of T-8 up to T-14.  If you keep your stroke really tight, this setup will sing.  For Dryline swinging, I use a Delta Spey 7/8 which casts really nice, you just need to find the right loading point for your casting stroke on the head, for me a few into the head is perfect.

The price point of this rod is $349.95 and accompanied by the "No Fault" warranty, in my book it’s as good as gold, trust me I know.  I broke the tip off in the truck door, sent the rod back with $25 on a Thursday and had it back in 5 working days.
TFO Line Recommendations:

Scandi: Rio AFS 7/8
Skagit: Airflo Skagit Compact 450/480 & Tips to +-130 grains
Short belly Spey: Delta 6/7

This is a great rod for the Salmon River, it's short enough to sneak into small spots when the river is crowded and swing thru pockets, yet powerfull enough to make a 80' cast if needed.


  1. Completely agree.... The TFO rods with Mike and Bob's design points behind them are great for the cash. Love to have the custom jobs, but sometimes the wallet (and my wife if she finds the new toys) just can't take it.

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