Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Managing Running Line - Simple Tips

When using Skagit spey lines – short, heavy heads connected to a running line of one type or another – casting far means stripping off and managing 40' - 70' of running line.

Managing your running line well helps prevent tangles and allows for easier long casts. Here are a few tips to help with tangle-free and long casts. 

Make Loops in Descending Size - When making long casts you need to be able to hold multiple loops on line - you wont be able to cast far with 45' of line in a downstream loop in the current. On a cast that shoots 7 strips of line, count 4 strips, hold a loop, count 3 strips, hold a loop, and then make a cast. Holding a couple of the same length is OK, but for some reason that our brains are too small to figure out, loops of the same size tend to tangle.

Mono Running lines - Berkley 25lb - 40lb mono works very well, but the downside it is very slippery when wet. Try pinching the mono running line under your thumb on the top of the cork instead of under with your fingers, I found this works great (thanks Ed).  On the Salmon River during those guide freezing days mono running line saves the day when stripping in line all day.

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