Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Spey Cast

Why Spey Cast -

It’s easier to cover the water with a spey rod.
If you need to cast more than 20 feet to get your fly to the fish, you can do it with a spey rod, with less effort than with a single-handed rod.

Spey rods give better line control.
Mending with a 13′ rod allows you to move more line than mending with a 9′ rod.

Spey casting is easier on your body – especially your shoulders.
You can keep your arms close to your body and still get the line out with a spey rod.

During those occasional stretches where you’re not catching fish, the casting itself is fun.
Practicing some new cast's, cheer yourself on when you really bang one out there.

All the gear.
Guilty as charged most steelhead fisherman I know are gear whores. Spey fishing tackle and techniques are changing constantly, and it’s interesting to keep up with the cutting edge.

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