Friday, February 5, 2010

Skagit Expo

Hey All, I wanted to make an official announcement that May 1 and 2, 2010 Spey nation will be hosting the Skagiteers on the Salmon River in NY. Pineville parking lot, same as our June clave. Kind of a mini Skagit Clave if you will. Saturday will be demos, hanging out talking rods, lines, flies with Ed Ward, Scott O'Donnell, and Mike McCune. We are also trying to line up a few more demonstrators for Saturday.

Classes will be held on Sunday. There will be a Beginner Skagit class, and an intermediate/advanced class as well. Max 5 people per instructor and at $165 per person, a fantastic deal. Please pm me or email me at to sign up for the class. I already have 3 spots spoken for.

We are still working on rods, lines to play with on Saturday. I will update this post as things progress. Thank and hope to see you there for this rare opportunity!

- Zach

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