Thursday, January 10, 2013

4" cut-shank Egg Sucking Leeches

Getting ready for some winter swinging this weekend by tying up these ESL's.  They are a cross between 2 of Zack's designs posted earlier on this blog.

Shank is cut from a size 2 Mustad streamer hook that is 7XL.

Materials in the order they are put on:
1. rear bump - mix of angora goat and ice dub
2. tail - Finn raccoon with 2 strands of Krystal flash along each side
3. two long grizzly hackles
4. body - ice dubbing with grizzly hackle counter wrapped with small ultra-wire
5. front bump - 3 turns of estaz with 2 turns of Aritc fox spun in dubbing loop
6. flash - 2 strands of holographic flash-a-bou along each side with 4 strands of Krystal flash over the top of shank.
7. collar - 12 strands of Rhea followed by 3 turns of pheasant rump feather
8. egg - ice dub over lead wire base.

This is another color combination
The grizzly hackles are splayed out for more movement in the water.

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