Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Circle C Spey Cast

The "Circle Spey" or "Circle "C" as it is sometimes called can be used as an alternative cast to the single Spey cast, as it is another cast that is much safer then a Snap T when using a fly like a lead eye intruder. This cast should be used in an upstream wind or no wind . It is also a cast that can assist you with your anchor placement if having difficulty with the single Spey.

•A very good cast for consistent anchor placement.

•It can be very useful to raise a sink tip to the surface.

•Can be used to good effect when making a variety of angle changes.

Start with the line downstream and rod tip toward the water.

Lift the rod tip up and draw a "C"

The Anchor will land consistently in the right spot.  This shows how safe the rod tip is compared to a Snap T

Come right back to where you started, rod tip facing downstream.

Sweep around just like a single spey cast.


Then let it fly.

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