Monday, April 4, 2011

Rod Review - TFO Deer Creek Spey 12'6 5/6

Temple Fork Outfitters - Deer Creek Series Spey Rod. This spey rod has a traditional design by Bob Meiser and Mike Kinney. 

Rod Specifications:

12' 6" 5/6 weighs 7.6oz, 4 piece.  It is rated for 350-550 grains.

I recently got this rod for a client rod and what a fun light rod to fish with.  I have it loaded up with a 425grain Rio Skagit Flight and it will cast 10' of T-11 and decent size weighted fly with some serious flight time.  I mostly fished it with 10' of T-8 and poly leaders, with very little effort this rod will make some really long casts.  Being a 5/6 weight, it is great tool for fighting fish, you really feel the fish and the feel of the take is awesome.  This rod is the perfect Steelhead Spey rod for the Salmon River.

The price point of this rod is $349.95 and accompanied by the "No Fault" warranty, in my book it’s as good as gold, trust me I know. I broke the tip off  another TFO rod in the truck door, sent the rod back with $25 on a Thursday and had it back in 5 working days.

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  1. Paul,
    You like this better than the TFO 8wt switch?