Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tying some swap flies....

Tying up some flies for a swap, and since it's freezing outside I figured I'd tie a fly that makes me feel warm all over. Here is one of my favorite summer patterns. I call it a Copper Demon, and that's just what it is. Gives a stonelfly profile, and the summer stones are BIG. I use them mainly in size 4 (bottom fly). The top two flies are in a size 2. I use a non slip mono loop knot so this little critter can wiggle as it swims helplessly thru a riffle or glassy tailout barely under the surface waiting to get nabbed by a chromer. Fished on a full floating line they are a lot of fun to fish. Cast quartering downstream on a tight line and watch for the boil......then hold on.

Hook: TMC 700 size 2,4, or 6
Tag: Copper flashabou or thin Copper wire
Tail: Few strands of Chartreuse and Orange Schlappen. You can use hackle fibers for this also.
Body: Copper diamond braid with copper wire counter wrapped for durability
Collar: Black Schlappen
Wing: Black Calftail, sparse
Head: Fl. Orange thread

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