Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's In The Vise??

A new feature on Salmon River Spey is "What's In The Vise."  Want to see what were tying?  The good, The Bad and The Very Ugly, from simple "Guide Flies" to more traditional Spey flies.

Rhea Egg Sucking Leech

             Hook: Alec Jackson 3/0 cut 
    Tail: Purple Marabou   
                Hackle: Purple, Palmered        
           Body: Purple SLF Dubbing
Collar: Purple Rhea  
                Feelers: Purple Lady Amherest
        Head: Pink Laser Dubbing

                  You can tie these in wide range of colors.


  1. Killer fly I've been doing a lot with ice dub heads which I think is a component of the laser dub you used. Rhea is so nice but damn it's expensive.

  2. This fly had 5 grabs last time out..