Sunday, November 14, 2010

First day back...

Here is a short clip of my first venture back into flowing water in over 3 weeks. Been down with a disc issue in my lower back. Casting was a bit rusty, but I did manage to break in my new 2010 Taupo Perfect, which isn't as loud as my originals but she'll work just fine. I just need more time on the water with it so she gets that lovely patina of an old hard used reel overflowing with soul and purpose. I was also late on the hook set but as you can see it didn't matter in the end. Watch as my rod bobs 3 times before I set. Oh well, thankfully the fish hooked himself.

Gear Set-up:
2010 Hardy Taupo Perfect
11'7" 5/6/7 Meiser MKS (custom built) 400-600 grain window
425 Rio Skagit Flight (really weighs 441 grains)
10 ft T-14
10lb Maxima tippet material

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