Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skagit Masters invade the Salmon River

Well Ed Ward, Scott O'Donnell and Mike McCune made the trip east to the Salmon River, to show us first hand their style of Skagit casting. 

Friday we met up with them to float the river, What a great time.  These guys opened all sorts of windows for the upcoming fall season. 

                                  Scott O' Donnell demonstrating a cast.

Ed Ward giving Loren William's a casting stroke tip.

Mike McCune and Drew watch Scott fish thru a run.

Part of Sunday's Beginner class

Mike McCune Fishing the tail out

These guys are die hard steelhead bums, we had to almost force them off the river to be at a gathering at the DSR on time. 

Saturday's event at the Douglaston Salmon had a good turnout. In the morning session Ed, Mike and Scott did casting demo's and a Cast Crasher's demo, to show common things people do wrong. Hardy, Loop, TFO were a few of the rod companies on hand and all had plenty of rods to try out. After lunch we moved up river to Pineville, here they did more casting demo's and answered questions til 5:30. They also helped a lot of people with their casting if they were up talking.

Sunday Skagit classes were held at Pineville, the morning class had a lot of people attending it. They afternoon class had about 15 people, a good number of women were in attendance for both classes.

I asked Ed, Mike and Scott if they planned on coming back next year and the were excited too, they couldn't wait to.

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